Comair approaches Botswana aladdin porn over state airline

Airline company wants to operate not buy the country’s state airline

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JOHANNESBURG – South Africa’s Comair has made a proposal to Botswana to operate a new state airline but is not interested in acquiring Air Botswana, the company’s chief executive said.

Botswana’s transport department Pornstar invited expressions of interest in February, saying it was open to proposals on various forms jav sex of privatisation of the national airline including joint ventures, ownership, franchising and concessions.

“We did submit a bid but it was on a different basis, in terms of Comair operating the service for the Botswana government,” chief executive Erik Venter told Reuters.

“We’d rather start with a fleet and set up a new operation using Comair’s back-end infrastructure,” Venter said, adding that Air Botswana has “many legacy issues”.

In March, Transport Minister Kitso Mokaila said at least 17 companies had expressed interest, without naming them.


Botswana’s largest tourism company, Wilderness Safaris, this month said it also planned to make a bid for jav free Air Botswana.

Comair has vied for Air Botswana before, but in 2008 pulled out of a bidding round that failed to attract successful suitors.

Separately, Venter said weak economic growth in South Africa could see the airline postpone the delivery of two of four new aircraft due in 2019, pushing it out as far as 2022.

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