So many years we have always believed crissy moran that this stupid thing, she to him

1. hymen intact is a sign of a girl in white 

This is true in most cases but is not absolute. Some women have special structures in her breath, especially elastic hymen should have intercourse several times, the membrane was still not torn. Some women are AV Rape born without hymen composed in his genitals. Therefore, do not use virginity as a measure monitor and assess a woman, because not everyone is the same. 

2. Men with big feet, the "small boy" to note also 

Oh here it is trick ultimate of all time, the size of the "boy" and the size of your feet are not related to each other, where, wanted to know the most accurate size of a penis only way sole slip pants that check him out alone. 

3. Some of the unique type of relationship will traditionally safer 

For example for this is that many people think that relationship through the mouth (oral sex) is safer and less disease than type concerned about sex traditional systems. But this is completely wrong, any type of relationship also has its downsides if you do not know how to prevent.

4. Only the new young man suffering from premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is not due to the influence of age, which is the health status of each individual gentleman and some cases of "premature ejaculation" would follow the old men. 

5. Birth control pills make you gain weight 

no scientific evidence to explain that birth control pills cause weight gain, which is only the inference of many women. Your weight may be influenced by many factors such as age, lifestyle changes ... do not blame the Pill. 

6. Men think about sex all day 

This is a false information that men always become bad in the eyes of women, the truth is that often they think about it just as much as when they think about food that blow.

It is true that the relationship will be quite energy burning and could not get in 30 minutes of cardio or jogging. Actually, we only burn about 3.5 calories per minute relations only. 

8. Only the new man to be romantic crystal 

Well do not then, women were also entirely possible romantic awakening, a study indicated that nearly 40% of women have ever been awakened by one orgasm in his sleep. 

9. Men do not need the HPV vaccine 

not only women have the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer is not where men can fully be testicular cancer and other unpredictable complications if not actively HPV injections prevented by it. This vaccine is good for health of both sexes. 

10. Women are not watching porn

Rub you will have to rethink this, knowing statistics from the hot site hits more than 1/3 were women, where also have much less competitive than men, right?

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